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Hi guys,

So i posted my yelp review of this company that never provided me the work that they did after I paid them so now taking legal action.  They probably hacked into Yelp bc I don't see my review on Yelp for them.

Sandeep did not fulfill our contract stated milestones which they did not reach so i told them i need the current work before paying additional money.

Sandeep has a temper problem, is a liar (see his linkedin he doesn't work at those companies), he also will scream and yell at you when he's faced with the truth.

Anyhow hopefully Google puts this on so that people read my blog and anyone who looks up this company will know not to hire him. This is for all consumers do not hire HEADERLABS!! I've also found out he runs some other companies under fake websites.

I made a mistake by believing him after he showed me sites which i found out later he did not build and he could not even give me a referral to a happy client.

I learned a valuable lesson do not work with a snake in sheep's clothing.  No matter what now, I will make sure to get three referrals before hiring anyone and do call their past jobs on Linkedin.


  • Headerlabs
    1701 N California Blvd
    Walnut Creek, CA 94596
    1.0 star rating
    6/16/2016   Updated review
    Be warned Sandeep Chauhan is a liar or what i would have to say a con artist who runs this company. If i can give him negative reviews I would.  Check out his linkedin.  It has false information as of today 5-23-16.

    This is his linkedin.

    The founder at claims that Sandeep does not work there yet on their website and linked in it says Sandeep is their CTO and founder.

    So definitely something shady is going on.

    I am writing to warn anyone to NOT work with him.  I hired him back in March of 2016 to build a mobile app and he fails to be at his Skype meetings that he sets and then proceeds to yell at you that he's too busy, yet I spoke with him average once every two weeks and at the beginning of our contract I told him I was not happy with his unprofessional which I can prove in emails that i wrote him  and the work they are producing and he apologized many times but nothing improved.  So at that point I told him i cannot speak with him about my product, i would have to speak with someone in India actually working on my product.

    It turns out Nikhil in India just got onto my project three weeks later into the project and told me half the time he wasn't sure what's going on and then Nikhil disappears on me as well as  Sandeep for 13 days with no follow up.

    At that time i emailed and told Sandeep I cannot work with a company that does not tell me what they're doing and I would fire them and Sandeep called me immediately going, we are sorry, we will do better keeping you informed of what's going on and showing me the proof of their work.

    They failed to provide what was stipulated in the contract, what they were supposed to have done by the second week, they were still working on at the 8th week which is today and I have already given them 4K.

    I provided all the frames, the logos, the icons etc and they couldn't follow their own timeline.  I only spoke with them every two weeks and they barely did any work and when i asked to see actual work the codes Sandeep evaded it.

    Thus today I fired Sandeep and his headerlabs for not providing what they were supposed to do.  And according to our contract they should have been much further along at the 4K mark.   I also had an associate on the phone with me at the time who heard everything and was my witness to Sandeep's unprofessionalism.  He yells a lot, lies and flies off the handle and does not take ownership of his actions.

    Any smart, wise, professional business person would take responsibility for their lack of work. Instead Sandeep flips out and goes Tina you signed a contract and I won't release anything to you until you pay me the full amount. Tina I will sue you.

    LMAO why would I give him more money for work he has not done?  He still has to show me evidence of work he "Supposedly" did for my 4K.

    The contract has a timeline and a paying schedule of what work needs to be done by what point and he did not fulfill that and they are running 5 weeks behind.

    Any sane person would know this is not a good company to hire and I should have stuck with my gut last month when i wanted to fire them but with my kind heart I gave him two more chances but a third one, no way.

    I sent him an email stipulating that he sends me the codes he's done so far for my mobile app in the next 48 hours but he's just replied with invoices to me saying I need to pay the full price for my mobile app before he gives me any code.

    Found him on this site by the way DO NOT USE THEM!

    Headerlabs website says --

    Based on customer's feedback, we iterate fast and add new features to meettheifobjectives.o
    -- I asked him for a referral and he could not provide any customers

    I'll post any follow up to my review if needed.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Sandeep and working with his company Headerlabs.

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  1. Does not Sound right .

    1. haha are you him? I sued him and won in small claims u can't get more right than that!

  2. What you have written is absolutely nonsense. I know Sandeep personally and professionally since 15 years , had worked with him, and when he started up his own venture , hired his organization to create a website and mobile apps. They did an excellent job. Kim, what profit you will get by spoiling Sandeep's name and image.

    1. First of all this person is also an idiot. I do not make any profit dumb ass from suing someone who lied to me about their business and winning in small claims court. I am collecting the money back that he stole from me, so what profits? Oh are you writing me from a third world country? I am telling the truth and why are you anonymous? Go write a blog about him then and praise his work and tell us which company he did and who you are.

      SOME PEOPLE ARE SO DUMB and IDIOTIC. Hiding behind being anonymous and being a troll gives you no credit and proves you are an idiot, me make a profit from telling the truth about him? I lost money dealing with that fraud.

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