Taming the ego by Bhante Sujatha amazing talk made me cry

8:57 AM

I watched "Taming the Ego" By Bhante Sujatha the other night and it really touched me.  To watch him speak is a gift.

He's definitely one of the top speakers.  I love his humor and his talks.

I will have to say this talk of his is definitely one of the top ten I've ever/watched listened to.

There are so many great teachers and he's definitely in my top ten.

This talk moved me and made me cry for all the love he gives to people and the love he teaches for you to give yourself.

I've listened to many of his talks and this one is one of his best.

I hope that you will take the time to listen to it, I promise you, you will be inspired.

I think the reason I love these great monks are that they're like stand up comics who entertain, make us laugh and at the same time they're teaching us real life lessons.  I think the highest form of public speaking is to be a monk who teaches the world, especially ones who are so easy to listen to and understand.

I'll do another blog on my top monks in a few weeks when I get more time so that you can listen to them too.  Obviously the ones I like are the ones who make me laugh, on my way to enlightenment, fingers crossed.

Have a good day folks and if you do watch it please let me know your thoughts.

Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu

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