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I watched this the other day and man Tsem Rinpoche is amazing.  I love what he shared on this and hope you do too.

He really nailed it about some people and their jerk ass personality and why they act like a baby when they're in their late 40's.  Some people have some serious karma to work on.

I also spent the last 300 hours building my new website for www.tinakim.com  it's my 3.0 version.  I had to make it more modern now and make it mobile friendly.  I am no web designer so I had to watch youtube tutorials all day long and I did it five times to get it right.  I had to start over from scratch many times.  Finally it's done did! Hallelujah.  I'm just figuring out how I'm going to attach this to it now.

I also haven't been teaching group fitness or cycling this year b/c of my startup which takes all of my time and brain time :(

I keep myself positive by saying, what the monks say if you're going to do it, give it all you've got and do it now.

I've been volunteering at a nursing home and boy that really helps you want to always keep learning.  The day you stop learning really is the day you die.  It's all about your soul.

Sorry if there are typos and run on sentences but I'm just typing what's coming to me without editing.

That's it for now!

Working on my I've Dated Landing Page now.

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