I'M BACK!!!!

10:37 AM

Hi Folks,

It's been a while.  I sometimes feel I don't have anything to say and sometimes I feel I have a lot to share, who knows.  I was going to delete this blog the other day then realized, I shouldn't.  So I'm going to do my best to write more but then again, sometimes I get in a funk.

Since the beginning of this year I went The Riviera Maya and taught group fitness, which was amazing!  While there, I did a lot of reading and watching youtube mostly Ajahn Brahm talks.  It really helped me let go of even more things.  I hope that one day I can just have all my possessions in one room.  I hate clutter and holding onto a bunch of material things and sometimes things in your mind are just as hard.

That's why I love fitness and wine haha.

I've been working on my startup I've Dated since the beginning of this year and it's so far had its ups and downs.

Hired this Indian guy Sandeelp from Headerlabs in Norcal and he screwed me over BIG TIME and now I am dealing with him.  They never did the work that I hired them to do and i am out of some serious cash, so will be dealing with that.  The fact that he acts like he's so busy when I only talked ot him once every two weeks.  What a learning experience.

However, moving on I am still continuing and such.

Luckily I am part of an incubator program and am learning so much.  When i told Sandeep his company is not doing it the way other people do, such as giving me access to codes and having a daily meeting he cursed me out.  SMFH.  I swear I'll think twice before working with Indian men from India and he yelled he has a contract with me when I ended it demanding me to pay him more money.  What a lunatic.   He didn't do what I paid him for so far and he's wanting more?  LUDICRUS!

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