Internet Trolls from Facebook.

1:32 PM

I have Facebook that is my personal page and I am happy to add people who are my fans and friends of my friends.  I do have a public page that pertains more to my stand up comedy  NOW if you didn't know on your Facebook page there is an "OTHER" inbox when people who aren't your friends write you.  It always amazes me how many pervert profilers there are all over the world and they will write anyone in the world.  Do these clowns actually think I would be interested?

If you have any clue, a normal person would actually check out my page, learn who I am and maybe send a note saying, I am a fan and enjoy your comedy writings and your style and I would like to be added to your friend list.  Thank you.  How about that for starters.  The worst is when the trolls write, you're cute so what do you do? SMFH.

Enjoy the screen captions below folks.

This Patrick guy decided to write me twice the same note.

This Davi guy lives in England.  SMFH.
 Another fool in England.  Seriously does this guy just see an Asian face and cut and paste?

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  1. Men like them make it so much harder for men like myself. :-(

  2. The best is that I still get these messages from men and I believe the part that I am into women is public.

    1. HA HA that's funny Lynna. As i said these guys are just busy cutting and pasting away.


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