Guys who write "Living life to the fullest" on their profile are delusional liars.

10:32 AM

For every guy saying he is, "Living life to the fullest" on his online profile, you know he is really sitting at home in his mom or dad's basement or grandparents basement watching porn online, as in the case of this guy in the photo.

He writes he is living life to the fullest and wants to have fun.

LOL, living his life to the fullest?  REALLY?  More like living his life to the fullest on his mom's couch jerking off, living his life to the fullest getting stoned on his mom's couch, living his life to the fullest by eating and being full, living his life to the fullest by not working and having his mom pay the bills, oh boy I could go on and on. In fact, did his mom take this photo for him?

He wrote me, "Hi, I think your (grammatical errors as always when it should be you're) cute and I don't wear mom jeans.  I am fun and let's have fun."

I put on my profile that I like men who wear pants that fit and prefer men who wear skinny jeans and my biggest turn off are mom jeans on men.  YET THIS CLOWN SAYS HE DOES NOT WEAR MOM JEANS AND HE IS LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST!  UGGGHHHH.  It doesn't make any sense.

If someone is really living life to the fullest, I don't think they would be on a free dating site trying to hook up and have a lame ass photo like this.  If one is living life to the fullest wouldn't that mean they are out living it up with friends, family, have a great job, have fun hobbies, working out, going out, spending money on hookers, clubs & not trolling a free dating date?

I do what I can to live my life the best I can by connecting with friends, laughing, having face time with people in my life.  I would never say I am living my life to the fullest.  I am doing what I can to be the best person I can be with positive energy and to be around people that uplift me and hope I can do that for them in return. I was online because I wanted to meet someone to date, have chemistry with, laugh and see where it leads.  I wanted to enjoy someone's company romantically, not chat & write with a bunch of losers to pass time or hook up.  Unfortunately I didn't meet ONE guy that I could get to know and respect.

It seems like most men write what their ideal self would be on their online profile.  It's basically all lies.  One guy even called me saying he is living his life to the fullest and I said how are you doing that?  He replied going well right now I am busy working and working and I don't have much time for dating.  Seriously?  Then why did he say he is living his life to the fullest and if he doesn't have time for dating, why is he on a dating site?  Honesty, where has it gone?

It's a BIG RED FLAG ladies if a man says living his life to the fullest on his profile.  It's best you don't write that guy back because chances are he is living his life to the fullest in his mom's basement not having to pay bills.

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  1. at least he read your profile LOL

  2. His couch is probably his bed too!

  3. I am so sick of "living life to the fullest"
    That saying is full of it
    And so are the men who use it in their profiles.


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