He thinks I am a "Beautiful lotus blossom" Can you say Asian Profiler?

1:50 PM

My profile on OKC said I am not attracted bald men and am only attracted to men with a full head of hair, who are fashionable, which obviously he did not read.  ALSO he is busy cutting and pasting this to many Asian ladies in the area.  I actually have another profile that's not me but an Asian woman and it's incredible how these Asian Profilers cut and paste their notes.  CHECK OUT THE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS HE HAS and seriously, "Can't wait to hear from you if you are down to earth."  LOL.  I almost wrote him back and said well, you are obviously not down to earth, so we won't be a match.  WTF?  He is asking me if I am single?  Um, it says I am single on my profile so why is he is asking me if I am single or hooked up?  These ugly white guys are DELUSIONAL TROLLSSSS!!!!!

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  1. Down to Earth? Why? That person doesn't seem from this planet. He was "passing by"? Really. The person/troll doesn't even match up the cut-n-paste to match the situation. "I would like you to bear my last name." Bold! Ha, ha, ha


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