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I can't tell you how many times a man contacts me by text or phone two weeks later then when they were supposed to call or even after we meet they contact me so much later and say, "Hi Tina, sorry I was busy, what's up?"  This is such BULLSHIT!  They are liars and losers.

It's their own way of making themselves feel important.  I have known CEO's, presidents of multimillion dollar companies, fathers with kids and businesses and these men would never tell me I am busy.  They are respectable men who know their schedule.  If I call them or ask them for anything they will get back to me.  None of them would blow me off and contact me a month later.

A person who is busy always knows their schedule and if someone asks them to do something at a certain date and time, they will know their schedule or make sure to set up a time and date with you and get back to you.  These are called respectable people, who respect their time and your time.

HOWEVER any guy you meet ONLINE always writes about how busy they are and when you meet them, they still say they are busy and even after you meet them they always seem too busy to see you again even though they said, "Oh for you I will make time." URGH!!  I have a rule now, any guys who says they are busy on their profile or in real life, I just make fun of them and know exactly what is up.  THEY ARE LOSERS!

If a guy doesn't call you back or text you back in one day to three weeks and then when he feels like it and responds and says, "Sorry I was busy"  DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.

Most guys especially the ones online are NEVER BUSY.  They are always there to chat and text with stranger girls before responding to women they know in real life.  They are addicted to the attention from strangers.  A true internet troll.

I could text a guy and he won't respond but you will see he is clearing chatting on OKC!!


In this day and age even if you are on the moon you are not too busy.  There is no excuse to not respond to a text or phone call or email.  If you are on the moon you are connected through Youtube & the astronauts are tweeting and still communicating.

The worst is when a guy says, sorry I'm going out of town for a few weeks and I'll text you when I get back. Oh do the other countries in the world not have internet or cell phones?  I am confused.

As you can see again it's all EXCUSES.

The only excuse is being kidnapped or if I read that you have been killed or murdered.

It should never take more than a day for a man to return your call or text.  If they don't they're just game players who don't respect you.

Basically these guys are ALL LOSERS and don't respect your time or their time.  They are too busy trolling the internet with their dick out.

No one is that busy.

Move on ladies.  He is not worth it.

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  1. Some guy told me "I need to think of something interesting to say" as an excuse for not texting 2-3 days. Do you believe this?

  2. Totally what is happening to me now. He used to reply to my texts pretty quick and then he slowly became "very busy". I gave him benefit of the doubt as sometimes people CAN get quite busy with work etc. But i thk replying me two weeks later is a deal breaker. Gona give him a telling off n stop talking!

    1. Good tell him off or tell him the truth and if he cna't handle it's, it's bc he can't handle the truth. LOSER!

  3. You are so dead on with this post, there's no such thing as ever busy I'm dealing with a loser myself I think it's time to move on to the next, I believe in this saying "Real men always have time for their woman no matter what, even if his busy he'll find time for her" the ones that say they don't have time are just little boys I'm pretty sure everyone checks there phones once a day and it shouldn't take a man two weeks to answer back

    1. Glad u agree. I am still dealing with losers like this to this day. Either someone is working, etc, NO ONE IS EVER BUSY that's such b.s.

  4. I totally understand Tina they give us the same excuse different day especially the ones online smh they are the worse

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