My history of online dating.

7:46 AM

After the internet was developed a whole new crop of perverts emerged and are still emerging rapidly.  Unfortunately, I don't think it will ever die down.  I have a feeling that in another twenty years, most of these INTERNET TROLLS will never leave the house.

I have had the misfortune of dealing with these Internet Trolls.  At first I was thinking they're just jerks but realized these are the guys who lack social skills and are addicted to being online and chatting/jerking off with women they have never met.  They have an addiction just like alcoholism, drugs, over eating, these guys can't be trusted.

16 years ago when I was living in New York City, I tried a dating site called Matchmaker.  I went on a few dates but no chemistry and the two guys were nice enough and they even paid for the dinner.  Then I never heard from them.  I joined for a month and then cancelled.  I met people on the subway, walking, at a restaurant.  It's quite easy in NYC to meet people so no need for the internet.  At this time I the guys were more  normal.

I moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and decided to join  I was on it for one month as well.  I met three or four guys and they DID NOT look like their photo and what they wrote was completely different from how they acted in real life.  So I deleted.

Since then I have had a few relationships with men that I met in real life and went on random dates with random guys I met as well in real life.

Then in 2012 in May I tried Plenty of Fish.  OH LORD that is the biggest bowl of perverts on the planet.  I was on it for three weeks and had the craziest messages and met the stupidest guys on the planet.  I had no idea.  Wow the games they played were out of control.

This year I tried OKcupid and actually paid for six months.  I had a good attitude and really wanted to meet anyone just ONE person that's a good fun guy who has a job, who does what he says, who is not a liar.  If there are no sparks, no big deal.  However that has not happened.  I cancelled after 5 months.  It actually made me cry.  Is it that hard to meet someone of character?  I think it is when it comes to these sites.

I don't think anyone is particularly better bc these trolls are on ALL the SITES!!!

I think in the end  you do have to pay for quality so maybe Eharmony is the way to go but I am sure I'll see the same guys in the L.A. area with their same lame photos of them ten years ago.

I think men lie more about their age than women.


To think that I have probably met fifty men online and not one is a good person.

Oh well.

As I say at my stand up show, my online dating fees are a write off for my career.

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  1. POF has to be the worst of them all I can't believe how many perverts I encounter I call it Plenty of Dicks lol no ones ever serious about wanting a relationship on there and than once you meet them they vanish into thin air I just don't get it.... Your right about that they troll the Internet with there dicks out that's for sure hahah...

  2. I will never do online dating again. It brings all the weirdos to the yard and all the same guys are on all the same sites. Apps are just as bad. HAHA yes sit at home with their dicks out for sure!


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