Guys who pose like fools for their online dating pics need to be ridiculed.

3:38 PM

Common sense to me means that if you are going to go on a dating site such a OK CUPID you would post up a nice picture of yourself smiling outside or at dinner or something.  YET Y DO SO MANY FOOLS take bathroom shots with their dick hanging out??? DO THEY THINK IT'S CUTE?

Once you post your picture up for the world to see what do you expect?

I think this is by far one of the most disturbing photos of a man who wrote me on
I mean if it was so be it.  BUT COME ON!!

He writes "I am a good family man who is just looking for friends.  You seem like a sweet girl and I would like to get to know you."

LMFAO!! REALLY this clown is looking for friends?  He has no shame.

Hmm, I guess he is doing laundry with a hard on today and he also had a hard on in the bathroom and had to take a picture.  AGAIN A BATHROOM SHOT!!! UGHHH!!!

What is up with his tan?  How did he only tan his arms and shoulder yet his stomach is tan?  What is up with that scar?  Did he get stabbed?

I post up the guys who write me who are absolutely ridiculous considering I am very specific of what type of men I am attracted to.  I don't go around looking for them, they seem to come to me :/

If you want to just see idiots here is a good site.

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  1. it looks like he stuffing

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