3:28 PM

OMG!! Y????? 50 yr old from Texas with five kids wrote me --- Hi there, how are you... I want to get to know you...write me back --- Uh I think I threw up a little in my mouth folks.   First of all he lives in Texas.  I live in Los Angeles.  He looks older than fifty and those glasses SMFH!!  REALLY?  This guy looks like he is straight out of circa 1975.  DOES he really think that I want to get to know him?????  ALSO A BATHROOM SHOT!  What is the deal with online profilers taking pics in the bathroom????

What kills me is that I wrote I only respond to guys who are FASHIONABLE, HIP, FIT, ROCK STAR TYPE ages 27-45.  I guess he interpreted that as oh she will like me b/c I haven't changed my style since the 60's and my belt buckle is a hit in Texas.  SMFH!!

This is www.okcupid.com folks.  

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  1. Looks like a closet porn star to me. Dreaming of bein in one but his days are well beyond him.


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