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Just following up to let everyone know I won my small claims lawsuit on Sandeep Chauhan and so many people have written me thanking them b/c they found him questionable as well.  turns out a woman caught him also running a site called  it's also a dummy site and a scam sight so please be forewarned.  I would hate to see other people get cheated and lied to.  ALSO THIS IS VERY FUNNY got a random anonymous email the other day on my blog about him which is obviously HIM!  If it was a real client, they should not be anonymous.  I posted it for your pleasure and posted my reply.  HE IS A SCAM ARTIST.  Think about it 95% of the time b/c most people aren't going to sue him in small claims and most don't live in California, so if he scams 20 people who gave him 5 thousand dollars, that's 100 thousand dollars he just scammed.

I've been very patient with Sandeep for I always do want to see the good in people and patiently waiting for his payment and giving him a chance to pay instead of going to the sheriff with my judgment.  


to tkcomic
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DO NOT HIRE -Headerlabs in Walnut Creek, CA - SAND...":

What you have written is absolutely nonsense. I know Sandeep personally and professionally since 15 years , had worked with him, and when he started up his own venture , hired his organization to create a website and mobile apps. They did an excellent job. Kim, what profit you will get by spoiling Sandeep's name and image. 

FIRST OF ALL SANDEEP, i make no profit in telling people the truth that I won in small claims court and I'm still in the negative b/c I paid Sandeep and now waiting to get some of my money back.

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  1. I know Sandeep Personally and hired him. This blog is total BS and should be reported as slander. His work speaks volumes. It appears this Tina person wants to use her blogging skills to damage a good company's rep. You may think your a comedienne, but this is not funny.

    My name is Shawn Stephens
    My number is 501-231-6278
    You can call me.
    Ive worked with Sandeep for several years now and find him to be competent and produces a good value product.

    1. I sued him in court and won. Those are facts. Instead of hiding behind an animal photo, why don't you post the product and post your real face and name. I think that way it can help others who do want to hire Sandeep unless you are Sandeep. I'm glad you had a good experience with him. Unfortunately I did not and won in court and have been very patient with Sandeep since I won on Sept 9,2016.

    2. It's not intended to be funny, it's intended to help others, it's the facts and why don't you look up slander. This was my experience with him, which is backed by court documents. Interesting how after almost 8 months you go to my blog now... are you Sandeep? The timing is suspect, now that I've contacted Sandeep about as to why he has not paid his judgment. Regardless, glad he has a friend to stick up for him. Hope you're having a wonderful day. God bless you and thanks for going on rip off report too about Sandeep so it can get more views. You're also a very good looking female lion.

    3. Shawn Stevens must be a friend of Sandeep. I can personally tell you that Sandeep is a liar, and a thief. In addition to those things, his team in India are sub-par.

  2. So..... Tina is a Comedian, a blogger, AND wait for it!.... Tarot card reader..... who clearly spends a lot of time trying to tarnish a company and a man personally because she's mad. I actually wasted my time reading this idiot's blog!

    1. LOL - I had no idea I'm a tarot card reader. I'm guessing you're a troll, but who knows, it's actually fun to read your comments and as I wrote above if it's true than great for you, I'm glad you had a good experience. I would love to see the product and you can get free publicity on my blog since you say I'm a skilled blogger :) Thanks for reading, signed Idiot who sued Sandeep and won in court.

  3. Tina can you share your contact number please.

  4. I can prove that Tina is right, this guy SANDEEP CHAUHAN also played tricks with our startup company one year ago. We paid around $5000 dollars without seeing our expected website being delivered at all. So we had to stop hiring him. The craziest thing is, SANDEEP CHAUHAN always yelled at us in the meeting and he always wanted to control his clients thoughts so he could get all benefits without putting any effort into our product development. I got all the proof for the madness he had, so haters from comments above please don't protect your boss. AS A REMINDER FOR ALL STARTUPS, DON'T HIRE THIS KIND OF SERVICE AND WASTE ANY MONEY ON PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, you can always found talents in IT fields if you found the approach, for example, computer competitions. HIRE THESE TALENTS AS YOUR OWN EMPLOYEE. At the end, sorry Tina, SANDEEP is an alumni of University of Michigan Ross School of Business. It was such a great shame to see him like this and being one of our alumni.

    1. You are 100% correct in your assessment. I wish I had seen this before he scammed us.

  5. Wow so many people he’s scammed - I’m sill waiting for him to finish paying off his judgement that’s already been over a year. I’ll post a follow up before the end of the year bc as of now I’ve spoken to him a few times and he’s yelled at me lol when he’s the one who owes me money and he said he will pay it offf by the end of this year so we will see. Trust me he would come up with one excuse after another and then when I said I’d get a lean on his bank account he would yell and say he’ll claim
    Bankruptcy - Trust me I feeel you and u should sue him in small claims.

  6. Tina, please share Sandeep's mobile number

    1. you can write me privately.

      This is the info he has on one of his dummy homepages - make sure to get his social security or business EID number for any business transaction. If he doesn't that proves it's shady. I had to report it to the IRS.

      1701 N. California Blvd. #62 Walnut Creek, CA 94596



    Let me tell you his game:
    Will come across as knowledgeable in subject matter but is really just saying enough to try and get your money.
    His English is not great. When you listen to him talk he almost sounds like a Hindu version of Master Yoda. Most people will overlook this because his language ability should not affect his coding ability. What I found he uses his English comprehension or lack thereof to try and twist things to his advantage.
    He will have an excuse for never reaching deadlines. He will always have a new excuse.
    He will yell and curse over the phone. He actually attempted to text me to go Fuck myself but with his lack of mastery over the English language it came out "Go Fuck Itself", I kindly responded with, "Send Bobs."
    He also said he makes more money in a month than anyone I know in my life. I responded by telling him than "whats the problem refunding the money then." I got no response.
    He continually will try and add costs to the job with these elaborate excuses as to why it is needed.
    In the end he is robbing Peter to pay Paul. He takes money from one job and pays for another. All the while he is pocketing most of the money and giving his Indian brethren pennies on the dollar.
    Bottom line, he is a scumbag that read the two hour work week and decided to start a consulting business. He either is so greedy or bad with money that he never pays the people in India who are actually doing the work, so your job will never get fully completed.
    Do yourself a favor, don't give him a dollar.

    1. WORD!! oh yes he curses at you and yells like crazy. I believe he is bipolar and he also has a company called Tax preparers b/c he used that payapl account to try to make a payment on his judgment against him. He kept saying he would pay monthly then he doesn't and when i call him he YELLS At me and goes Tina, I don't have a money LMAO yet he tells you he has more money in a month than anyone you know? LMAOOOOOO he is CRAZY and my bad for trusting him People be warned.


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