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I've been inundated with so many people writing me about Sandeep and how he's screwed them over or how you want to talk to me, so to save  - answers to your FAQ.

1.  You should have done your research and found my blog before working with him.  If you found my blog and then still worked with him and he stole your money, well you were forewarned.  At this point you only have yourself to blame and you can sue him in small claims like I did.

2.  Do not write me by asking me if you can ask me questions about Sandeep.  I have clearly wrote about my experience with Sandeep on blogs.  All facts.

4.  A lot of you have wrote me telling me how he scammed you and want to sue him and want my help.  Well all you have to do is GOOGLE small claims court and follow the instructions like I did.  I used a website called - More than likely you don't live near San Francisco near Richmond where Sandeep is, so he's banking on you not wanting to spend the time and money to sue him for something less than 10 grand.

That's obviously his scam, he gets 10 people to each give him anywhere from five thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars, says he'll do the work and he never does it and most people don't take the time to sue him in small claims court.

Also ask him for his TAX ID number before you pay him and he will refuse, that's a BIG RED FLAG meaning he's a scammer.

He has run this con for a while and speaking with a lot of you, I hear what you're saying and I've been there. He is crazy yet pretty smart running this scam.

If you want to see pictures of Sandeep wearing his shorts and T shirt to court when he lost go to my twitter tkcomic.

If you want to verify his accounts, phone number, etc, then feel free to contact me.  I'm  happy to help you in that manner.

Beyond that, do not ask me if you should work with him or not, that's your call, not mine.

He uses many different fake websites such as Any Alpha, Header labs, etc and his linked in are all LIES.

Ask him if he's ever been sued and lost and most likely he will get mad and say OH NEVER! LOL.  Then you will know he's a liar and not to be trusted.

Link below is to my case back in 2016

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