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4:29 PM

Just following up to let everyone know I won my small claims lawsuit on Sandeep Chauhan and so many people have written me thanking them b/c they found he was shady as well.  turns out a woman caught him also running a site called  it's also a dummy site and a scam sight so please be forwarned.  I would hate to see other people get cheated and lied to.  ALSO THIS IS VERY FUNNY got a random anonymous email the other day on my blog about him which is obviously HIM!  If it was a real client, they should not be anonymous.  I posted it for your pleasure and posted my reply.



to tkcomic
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DO NOT HIRE -Headerlabs in Walnut Creek, CA - SAND...":

What you have written is absolutely nonsense. I know Sandeep personally and professionally since 15 years , had worked with him, and when he started up his own venture , hired his organization to create a website and mobile apps. They did an excellent job. Kim, what profit you will get by spoiling Sandeep's name and image. 
FIRST OF ALL SANDEEP, i make no profit in telling people the truth that I sued you in small claims court and won.

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